10 Lightroom Presets BUNDLE for Mobile and Desktop. These presets will help to take your photography to the next level. It's easy to use and fully customizable to suit every type of photo situtaion. 


Compatability: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android


This Package Includes:


  • Tom Kai - Faded: A very simple and clean edit to give a chic look,

  • Tom Kai - In Bloom: Bright and airy springtime inspired edit to give your photos a touch of happiness

  • Tom Kai - Signature: The signature style of Tom Kai, using a combination of cyan/orange tones and a high contrast punchiness, this edit will make your photos look just like Tom Kai edited it himself!

  • Tom Kai - Vibes: Inspired by the sunset, this edit adds warm tones of orange and purple to your images. Perfect for achieving that summertime look

  • Tom Kai - Vintage Filmage: Vintage film inspired look to make your photos have a bit of the past in them.
  • Tom Kai - Action Cinema: Give your photos that gritty cinematic look with this preset and have the next blockbuster right in your next edit. 
  • Tom Kai - Nostalgic: With subtle sepia tones, this preset will give your photos that nostalgic old timey style whilst having a modern charm and appeal. 
  • Tom Kai - Pastel Dream: Pastels are all the rage and this preset will give your photos that authentic and subtle pastel look that you see all over the place. This particular preset is focused on pastel pinks and cool tones
  • Tom Kai - The Grammer: A very simple and effective preset that goes with nearly any photo to give it that "instagramable" look 
  • Tom Kai - Wanderlust: This dark, contrasty, and punchy edit is perfect to take your photos around the world. The wanderlust preset aims to bring that punch to your photos with a cool and contrasty style. 

Tom Kai - Signature Collection | 10 Pack Lightroom Preset