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Would you look at that, It's my first post on my new website. I've been wanting to have a proper blog for years but I was so torn on what to have the main topic be. You must be thinking, What's this blog going to be about then? It's going to be a few things. I want to share my love for creating and travel, this will come through some travel tips and tricks, photography tips and trick, as well as general Photoshop and graphic design tips. I think I've said tips enough now...

One of the hidden gems I found, Japantown, In San Francisco, covering only a few blocks, it's very small but often overlooked because of Chinatown that is nearby. Definitely a must see!
Japantown, San Francisco

I'll try and touch a little big on each category that I want to share and why i'm doing it. First I want to write about travel. Now i'm not a world traveler, but i've done my fair share of travelling, been to a few places in Europe, the UK, and across the United States and Canada. I'm not the richest person in the world...believe me I wish I had more money...but my point is, I want to share some budget tips on how to travel for cheap or near to nothing! There are so many thing I wish I would have known when I was younger as to how to get free accommodation, free flights, free flight upgrades, all kinds of things for free! I really hope to share a lot with you because it would have saved me a lot of headache and a lot of money if I had known these tips earlier!

Here is just a tiny sample of some of my photo manipulation work that i've created in photoshop
Some of my work!

By trade or profession, or whatever you call it, I am a photographer and graphic designer. Simply put, I love to create! The looks and reactions on people's faces when they see what I create and they go "oooooh" or "woah", makes it all worth it! If you're reading this and haven't seen my work yet, you should totally go to the top menu and check out my portfolio section after you finish reading this! You can also follow me on Instagram (shameless plug) which is linked at the top and bottom of all pages! On this blog though, I hope to share some of my tips and tricks that i've picked up for photography, as well as some hidden spots that i've found around the countries i've been to, and how to find hidden gems in places where you are! I don't consider myself a master, but I consider myself someone who loves what they do, and I hope to share that with you and hopefully instill in you a desire and passion to create as well!

Here's a photo of me whilst on location scouting. It was very cold and it's important to bundle up and wear more layers than you think you need. Photography can take a lot of time if you are waiting for the perfect shot, so bundle up!
Dressing well for scouting

A lot of people on my Instagram have also asked about what gear I use, as in what camera, computer, lens, tablets, bags, accessories, etc that I use and travel with and I would love to share that with all of you as well as my recommendations for beginners to experts from budget price ranges to the more extravagant professional prices. I want to equip you the best way possible so that you can create just like me. I am a sole believer of creators helping creators. It's a win-win, if I motivate you to create, then your creations can motivate me, and it's a beautiful cycle of creativity that I just love and that I would love to cultivate more among my followers and readers.

This will be it for my first blog post, i'm not the most cunning linguist but I hope you've enjoyed this first little post on who I am and what I want this page and blog to be. You can always follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all that I do, and you can also subscribe to this blog to get them delivered right to your email! Thanks for reading!

Never forget:

Love yourself, Love others, Love the earth

- Tom Kai

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