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Tom Kai

Photographer - Graphic Designer - Digital Artist - Traveller

About Me


Hi there! My name is Thomas Kapusi (But I go by Tom Kai). I'm a travelling photographer, designer and digital artist and hope to be blogger too! I've been traveling and creating art for the past 11 years!

Welcome to my all-in-one website, blog, portfolio, whatever you want to call it! This is where i hope to share my photography, digital artwork, stories of my travels, tips and tricks on photography, budget travel, how to find hidden gems and my adventures from near and far.

This page will be for people just like YOU who are looking for travel tips, photography tips, or maybe just some inspiring photos and artwork.

I want to show you how to find really unique hidden places and how to travel cheaply! I also want to show you the world through my eyes, that may be through photography or the artwork that I create, but I mainly want to expand your horizons and show you things you may have never known are there!


Let's be social!

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